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About clContacts

clContacts is an open source command line address book application for Windows and Linux. It has an easy to use user interface and more experienced users may find it convenient with clContacts' command line options that let you manage your address book straight from the command line, without having to start the user interface separately. The address book entries are stored in a simple DAT file, and are therefore easy to edit even by editing the file itself. The aim of the project is to become a more powerful tool and to be able to co-operate with other applications to make the end-users life a little bit easier.

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clContacts 0.1 Released!

The first release of clContacts, 0.1, has been released both for Windows and Linux systems. 
There's an installer available for 32-bit windows systems. Be sure to read the 'After installation' instructions properly, because it includes important information about post-installation configuration. 
The linux release includes a convenient installation script which makes the process a little bit easier. Be sure to read the 'INSTALLATION' file included before running the installation script, since it includes vital information about how to get the program working properly. 

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The current stable version of clContacts is 0.1. An installer is available for 32-bit Windows systems, alternativelt you can download the source code. There's a source package for Linux users which includes an installation script, which makes the installation process a little bit easier.

For Windows:

Download clcontacts-setup.exe

For Linux:

Download clcontacts-0.1_linux.tar.gz


Download clcontacts-0.1_src.7z

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Reporting Bugs

You can report a bug by adding a new artifact to the bug tracker, but check the list of artifacts to see if there already is an artifact concerning the same bug.

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